Sunday, October 30, 2016

Soeparto's Opulent Decorativism | Sidharta Fine Art Auction 20 November & 11 December 2016

Lot #328, Soeparto, Nabi Nuh

Soeparto's Opulent Decorativism
(lots #326 - 329)

Along with Mulyadi W., Arief Soedarsono, Irsam, Hatta Hambali and a number of other artists, Soeparto developed Soedibio and Widayat's "school of Decorativism in their own ways in Jakarta starting around the late 1960s and early 1970s. Decorativism developed organically and never developed a discourse and therefore each proponent was free to interpret their Decorativism accoring to their own paradigms.

Soeparto's Decorativism was quite particular and distinct from the others. He often used horizontal bands of contrasting pastel colors, usually light pastels for figures and darker pastels for sky or grounds to subtly define foreground from background. The application of paints of colors do not follow the form, but rather become elements of embellishment. Yet, the figures and forms are perceived as objects with clear dimensionalities. Soeparto's Decorativism is not only particular. The artist seems to be gifted with a unique talent that allows him to create such wonderful art pieces with distinguished opulence.

We are proud to feature four among the best of Soeparto's works in this auction.

Lot #326, Soeparto, Banteng (Ibu Anak)

Lot #327, Soeparto, Nudes 

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