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Otto Djaya | Sidharta Fine Art Auction 20 November & 11 December 2016

Raden Otto Djaya (1916-2002)

R. Otto Djaya is one of the great masters of Indonesian fine art. He is a legend strongly grounded in the history of art in Indonesia. He would have become one hundred years on 6 October 2016. Galeri Nasional Indonesia, Jakarta, celebrated his life and art with a large solo exhibition 30 September to 9 October 2016.

Otto Djaya was a non-conformist. He painted with a distinct and recognizable style to explore and express both the mundane and spiritual lives of Indonesians, especially of the Javanese. He was deeply analytical of humanity, and was able to synthesize natural beauty, myths, folklore and satire. Otto Djaya caricatured, never ridiculed.

Otto Djaya painted through six decades of Indonesian history and politics, from colonial times through war, revolution, the Sukarno and Suharto regimes, to democracy. He served in the first revolutionary army as a Major and company commander and fought in the Sukabumi battle of Bojong Kokosan in 1945.

In 1947 Otto Djaya went to The Netherlands to obtain formal education as a painter. He enrolled in Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten and in addition studied philosophy at Gemeentelijk Universiteit van Amsterdam.

During his three years in Europe he and his brother Agus had two successful exhibitions at Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam and several other exhibitions around Europe receiving excellent critique. While painting in the Netherlands he stayed loyal to Indonesian motifs and the figurative painting style that survived in his paintings all his life.

Returning home in 1950, he first settled in Semarang, then moved to South Jakarta in 1966.

Otto Djaya painted throughout his life paintings of his military time and paintings showing Indonesian folklore, myths, traditions and social changes. In a majority of his paintings OttoDjaya incorporated the legendary Punakawan characters in order to help his message get through more easily to the general public.

--by Marie-Inge Holst, author: World of Otto Djaya (Jakarta: Hexart, 2016) 

Lot #054, Otto Djaya, R, Balinese Dancer

Lot #055, Otto Djaya, R., Surat Al ‘Ashr

Lot #056, Otto Djaya, R. , Balinese Dancer

Lot #057, Otto Djaya, R., Dewi

Lot #058, Otto Djaya, R., Party

Lot #059, Otto Djaya, R., Jaipongan Jakarta

Lot #062, Otto Djaya, R., Sepasang Penari Jaipong

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