Sunday, September 27, 2015

Hendra Gunawan's Tukang Es Puter

Hendra Gunawan's Tukang Es Puter
oil on canvas  
149 x 69 cm

Sidharta Fine Art Auction 
1 November 2015 
Kunstkring Jakarta 

Together with Affandi and Sudjojono, Hendra Gunawan has always been considered as the most important Indonesian modern masters. In fact, not only does he paint the lives of the common people of Indonesia, the way he creates forms, his brushstrokes, pallette and compositions are unlike any other (especially Western)  painter and therefore often considered to be the most “authentically Indonesian” artist. In conjunction with the 70th anniversary of the Indonesian Independence this year, President Joko Widodo with the Paramadharma cultural medal of honor.

We are very proud to feature in our Fine Art Auction, Hendra Gunawan’s Tukang Es Puter, a painting depicting a scene surround the activities of a crank ice cream vendor. In the hot, tropical villages in Indonesia, while ice cream is certainly an item of luxury, some villagers make ice cream using a simple hand crank ice cream maker that uses crushed ice, raw milk and rock salt (similar to the kind that is used to make old fashioned home-made ice cream in the Western world). They sell the product by carrying a couple of large wooden pails of ice cream balanced on a large wooden or bamboo stick, which they place on their shoulders, around the villages.

In this particular scene, the painter slightly diverts our attention away from the vendor, to take note of the kneeling woman in the foreground. Just as the woman appears trying to enjoy a spoon of the es puter ice cream she just purchased, her duties as a mother call. Her toddler seems still unable to yet end his habit of breast-feeding, although he is no longer a small baby. Meanwhile, her little girl seems to also attempting to attract her attention by hugging her from behind. Her attempt to attain a simple pleasure is often held back by her duties and obligations. Such is the complex life of common Indonesian women, as Hendra Gunawan has observed.

Hendra Gunawan’s paintings usually are depictions the common people and their lives. They are often not merely idyllic pictorial renditions but often they are indeed insightful yet subtle observations that explore their humanity, their struggle of making ends meet, their attempts to attain their simple pleasures, and the challenges they often face. The insightful observations, as can be seen in this painting, distinguish the masterpieces from the rest.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Sidharta Auctioneer - Artfordable Auction, 5 September 2015

Press Release
Sidharta Auctioneer - Artfordable Auction
The Energy Building
Saturday, September 5, 2015

Welcome to the second ArtFordable Auction this year that takes place in the dry season or Musim Kemarau. The weather forecast has indicated that we are going to have a long dry season until December due to El Nino. Expecting over 30s degrees Celsius hot; humid and blinding bright. Yellow is the color that strikes my mind. It is associated with the sun, sun kissed, sunburnt, sunset bliss, harvest, rice fields, summer, ice lemon squash, a bowl of shaved ice, outdoor, festival and joyfulness.

The above impressions are reflected throughout our collections, such as the front cover features Hasan Djaafar's painting, Menenun Kain (cloth weaving), while on the back  we have Adu Jangkrik (Cricket Fight) by Wahyu Gunawan. The artists depict the joyfulness of outdoor activities in tuned with the nature chatting, working on weaves and pitting the crickets against each other. Both work have different approaches. Djaafar tends to catch the impressions only and put soft pastel flavors while Gunawan features emphasis on lights and shadows creating strong structures and figures. Menenun Kain is more feminine where there are three women enjoying each other company while doing the tasks. Adu Jangkrik is masculine but has more playful, surprising elements if you look at it.

Erica's work especially in the Spirit of Beautiful Island sparking yellow background and packed with animal figures living in a small island where everything lives side by side in harmony. This painting is certified and we have placed it as the last lot to bid. Two of her other work in this auction are VW Hijau Kesayangan (Fave Green Volkswagen) and Kucing Kuning (The Yellow Cat).

Prastowo in Gerah (sweating) literally pictures an afternoon situation at home during the dry season. For houses that don't have an air cooler, they enjoy the afternoon in the living room with doors and windows opened seen from an interesting perspective. All shapes are stretched and elongated. The family might be slightly portrayed differently in Keluarga Nelayan (fisher families) by Ledek Sukardi. It is set by the beach and more communal.

Bali Life by Antonius Kho, using mixed media on canvas is a unique piece to look at. Soothing soft green dominates the work creating an upward vertical form.  Tisna Saleh Sumarna with Anak Desa (village boy) tries to capture what most village boys do to kill the time during the day while tending the rice field and cattle. We also have a collection of  harvest theme such as by the following artists: Paori, Untung Wahono, Parsono, Nyoman Budiarta and the famous Otto Djaya.

Check out Bonny Setiawan, Happiness. A tight-cropped heads of a Javanese newly wed couple. The bride wears all the hair accessories  and forehead is adorned with black ink. The groom wears a string of jasmines around his neck. Their eyes are sparkling with joy and happiness looking forward to their new life journey.

Indonesians tend to live in communal ways. Many ceremonies are celebrated together with not only immediate kinships but as well as the whole neighborhood as depicted through Rosar and Uji Sujianto paintings. If apartment concept is known more in the west, we call similar one Rumah Susun (stacked houses) in Indonesia. Amrus Natalsya, who always uses wood to create his artwork, has brought to us this piece for you to enjoy. The rest we will let you go through the collections. 

Happy bidding!
September 5, 2015
Starting at 1.30 pm

Thursday - Friday
3 - 4 September, 2015
10 am – 8 pm

The Energy Building
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 11 A
SCBD Senayan
Jakarta Selatan

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