Sunday, July 17, 2016

Hendra Gunawan, Women at the Fish Market

Hendra Gunawan, Women at the Fish Market

Instead of such a "heroic" depiction, although not as realist in style, Hendra Gunawan's rendition of Women at the Fish Market, shows a more realistic nuance, in which the women seem to joke or gossip during their activities. For them, working is as much a social activity as it is a economic activity. This straight-forward yet insightful observation, is the reason that works by Hendra, as a painter well-known for his paintings of common people, are highly regarded by the most serious of art collectors. 

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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Sidharta Fine Art, November 2016 | Discovering Collections For Our Clients

Discovering Wonderful Collections For Our Wonderful Clients

In order to present our clients with an auction, we have to find interesting works or art that someone or another would like to sell. Auction houses usually get works from galleries or dealers, but the most exciting lots usually come from the collections of old connoisseurs who have become detached from the current network of art collectors due to a generational gap or other social matters.

Old collections that consist of a select number of authentic artworks are very hard to come by, and therefore when we do come across one or two it give us great pleasure and satisfaction. It makes us happy and at the same time proud because we envision that our discovery will bring pleasure to our valued clients who also would like to acquire the wonderful art pieces for their collection.

Once in a while through our networks of families, friends and acquaintances, we get introduced to families who consider it time to let go of their collections. Recently, a small yet wonderful collection of Indonesian fine art has been entrusted to be auctioned through our auction house.

The collection consists of various Indonesian art works, some of which we highlight here.

Bagong Kussudiardja, Women Figures 

Rustamadji, Women Carrying Baskets of Fish on their Heads

Dezentje, View of Lake in Mountain Region 

Lee Man Fong, Boy with Water Buffaloes

Nyoman Gunarsa, Legong Dancers

Lim Wa Sim, Pendet Dancer 

Sudarso, Seated Woman Holding a Basket

Tatang Ganar, Seated Woman in Kebaya 

JB Iwan Sulistyo, Two Women with Terracotta Water Vessels 

From the selection of paintings in the possession of the collector, it seems evident that he was fascinated with people a work, and in particular women at work. Various forms of Balinese dances performed by women are shown in different artistic styles by Bagong Kussudiardja, Lim Wa Sim and Nyoman Gunarsa. While Sudarso's painting is of a woman with a basket taking a rest, Tatang Ganar depicts a socially active yet culturally conscious Indonesian woman elegantly and smartly dressed in her kebaya.   
In the collection there is one of JB Iwan Sulistyo's early works, which is a painting of two women carrying water vessels. This painting seems to show a different and in many ways more interesting phase of the artist's oeuvre, which shows traces of his artistic influences. 

Rustamadji's painting of women carrying baskets of fish, suggests not only the women's determination to work hard but also their communal spirit of progressing together, which should be the spirit and ethos of how people do business in the country today. 

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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Sidharta Fine Art Auction 22 May 2016: Basoeki Abdullah's Early Work


Basoeki Abdullah was well-known for his beautiful paintings of women and idealized portraiture. The collection of President Sukarno includes fifty-nine of his paintings, making him the most represented artist in that renowned collection. In the 1960s, he became the court painter of the Kingdom of Thailand. He painted the portraits of many world leaders and dignitaries, as well as prominent personalities, particularly members of the elite in Southeast Asia.

The painting entitled Two Young Women seems to date from the 1940s, when the artist had already started to gain a name for his art, but had not yet established himself as a portrait artist. During this time, his art was more spontaneous, free spirited and fun. The way he applied his signature on this painting is also slightly different from the other paintings from that time. While his signature on his other paintings dating from the 1940s are signed horizontal following more or less a straight line, the signature on this painting seems to follow a upturned curve which suggest a sense of joy on the part of the artist. It is certainly quite a unique painting

Sidharta Fine Art Auction 22 May 2016: Artworks by Lee Man Fong

Artworks by Lee Man Fong
(lots #102 to 104)

The following three lots feature four artworks by Lee Man Fong dating from as early as 1940. The pieces show that he was a versatile artist who was not only capable of working with various media, including water color, pastels as well as ink, on paper, but also different aesthetic genres or styles.

This lot includes two works by Lee Man Fong. The main image is a pastels on paper piece depicting two women, one combing the hair of the other, dating from 1948. On the reverse of this work, is a pastel portrait of a man, dating from 1940.  The piece provides evidence that the artist used the reverse of the earlier artwork for the later work. Further study might be able to reveal the artist's frame of mind when he decided to do this, and make us understand better the life and thoughts of artists during that time.

This unique artwork depicting three Balinese women interacting on a porch of a house, was actually painted in Amsterdam in 1948 and therefore most likely was painted entirely from memory. In 1946, at the time of the Indonesian revolutionary struggle for Independence,  the Netherlands Indies Lieutenant Governor General Van Mook granted the artist a Malino Scholarship, which sent him to study art in Amsterdam. There, for a brief period of time, he experimented with deformation of figures, and this piece is one of its few examples.

Chinese Ceramics from the Collection of an America Gentleman

People Make the World Go Round was the title of a 1970s song by The Stylistics. They certainly do. People come and go; they come bringing their prized collections, and they may take it with them when they leave. However, sometimes they also change. Their tastes, habits or goals might change. If that is the case, they might decide not to take everything with them but instead try to find new homes for the items with which they have lived and enjoyed for many years.
On Sunday, May 15th, 2016, we will offer a special collection which primarily consists of Chinese ceramics from the collection of an America gentleman at his own handsome apartment in the center of Jakarta. He has been living in Jakarta for seventeen years. His collection has been built up piece by piece, item by item over the years, since even before he lived in Jakarta. The items were purchased from galleries, auction houses and even on-line auctions.
            Among the most interesting pieces in the collection are two blue and white pieces. The 19 century Late Qing blue and white tulip vase (lot #946) is particularly interesting because of its unique curvaceous form. Meanwhile, the form of the 14th century Yuan blue and white square ink pot (lot #948) seems simple, it's ordered elegance is what makes the piece attractive.
            The colorful 19th century apocryphal Qianiong Chinese mille fleur bottle vase with six character mark in iron red enamel on the base (#904) and the Republic yellow and red footed dragon dish with Jiaqing marks (lot #947) will appeal to many. The three dimensional dragon form on the Jiaqing Chinese Dragon Vase (lot #943) is simply fantastic.
            A set of two Chinese opium boxes, one silver with figures and the other silver cloissonée with decorations of red flowers (lot #944) are among the handsome decorative items in this auction. Among the items of furniture, the six paneled Chinese lacquer screen with leaves decoration (lot #945) would be hard to miss.
            The collector has selected and purchased these lots and other lots in this auction for their beauty, whether they maybe determined by colors, forms, texture, or any other aspects that contribute to shaping their aesthetic qualities. Now he has decided to part with his prized collection, and the proceeds are meant to benefit certain charities that work for the needy.

From the collection of another American gentleman, two Chinese Jade Bi Disks (Late Neolithic Qijia Culture) (lots #941 & 941) are also offered in this auction. Their stark, bold forms combined with the colors and texture of material, make them simply exquisite.

The viewing and auction of these collections will be held at an apartment at Somerset Grand Citra, Jakarta. Viewing is available Saturday - Sunday, 7 - 8 May 2016 and Thursday - Saturday, 12 - 14 May 2016, while the auction will be held on Sunday, 15 May 2016.
            You can also make the world go round by participating in this auction. Don't worry if you think you will yet make a purchase, you are welcome just to view the beautiful lots. However, you might be interested in coming to the auction, which would be an experience that can be quite enjoyable! Don't miss it!

Amir Sidharta