Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Property of a Gentleman

(lots # 022 - 050)

Sometimes art collections get passed on from generation to generation, but of late more often than otherwise, collections get offered through auctions. This becomes an excellent chance for collectors to add some very nice and interesting pieces into their collection.

The opportunity becomes even better if the collector is someone who are true collectors in the conventional sense. True conventional collectors tend to make their acquisitions based on their aesthetic tastes. They do not make purchases based on any interest of making economic gains in the future. They concentrate on the artistic value that they will be able to enjoy while they are in possession of the artworks.
The true conventional collectors’ pursuit for artistic value often lead them to acquire great works by masters, even though they might not be the “top ten” masters by art market standards.

Amidst the twenty nine salient works by Abdullah Suriosubroto, Gustave Bettinger, Willem Dooijewaard, Otto Djaya, Ken Pattern, Suminto, Tatang Kuntjoro, and Tio Tjay in the collection, there are great pieces by Gerard Adolfs, Ong Kiem Seng, and Ida Bagus Made Poleng.

Gerard Adolfs’s Adorned Figure (lot #036) is a gouache on paper piece depicting an lavishly dressed figure. Ong Kiem Seng’s large watercolor (#045), depicts a temple at Bhaktapur’s Durbar Square. Many structures on the square were later damaged by a major earthquake in 2015. In the collection there are also vivid paintings of flowers by Dutch artists and Piet Van Wyngaert (#048) Johan Dijkstra  (#049). The painting by Ida Bagus Made (#050) depicts an elaborate Melasti purification scene, artistically composed in a setting by the sea. As his works are rarely offered in the market, we are quite happy to obtain it from the collector and present it for sale in our auction this time.

Melasti. tempera on cloth (55cm x 68cm), Poleng, Ida Bagus Made. Signed lower left: "Ida Bagus Made". (Lot #050)

The placement of the resplendent pieces in this auction provides a nice opportunity for collectors active today to enrich their collections with works of remarkable artistic value.

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